1. The instructions of the skipper or crew will be followed immediately and without question.

  2. All on board will be offered life jackets. They will be tried on and adjusted for size and MAY then be removed if it is deemed safe so to do.

  3. Only the alcohol agreed in advance may be consumed during any boat trip.

  4. In the event of a guest falling overboard, the call “MAN OVERBOARD” will be made to the skipper and, unless and until otherwise instructed, everyone will remain still and silent and pointing to the casualty in the water.

  5. If as the casualty you are unhurt and able to swim make your way to the nearest bankside.

  6. First aid kits can only be used by qualified first aiders. If you have such qualification you will make them known to the skipper in advance. The skipper has such a qualification from the Royal Yachting Association. First aid kits are in the galley, in the saloon and at the helm.

  7. Should they be needed, fire extinguishers are in the galley, either end of the saloon and at the helm.

  8. There is a fire blanket in the galley.

  9. Anyone found to be conducting themselves in a disorderly manner will be disembarked at the earliest opportunity and that includes being affected by the consumption of alcohol.

  10. You will make any medical requirements such as diabetes or angina known to the skipper and the whereabouts of any medication that could be necessary or inform the skipper of the relevant person in your party with that knowledge.

  11. Moving around the decks for adults in not restricted unless going through a lock or mooring up. A clockwise route is recommended to prevent any confusion. Any persons under the age of 14 will be accompanied by an adult at all times. Movement around the decks will always be with one hand on the handrail at all times.

  12. In the event of an evacuation being necessary there are escape hatches, unlocked at all times, in the fore cabin and aft cabin. Exit from the saloon is from the main entrance through the wheelhouse or through the sliding windows either side of the saloon. Exit from the heads or the galley can be obtained in emergency situations via the saloon or either of the cabins.

  13. This is a pleasure cruise so adherences to the terms and conditions and to this safety briefing are important so that you can really enjoy the experience.

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