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Built by Broom Boats, a family owned boat builder in Norfolk, in 1980 “Knot Arf” is a sea going vessel and has been from Holland to the Channel Islands with her owner, Andrew Bernstein, at the helm.

In 2012 she took part in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Thames Boat Pageant and proudly flies the flag awarded to participants of the day.

In 2015 she led the support flotilla for the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships to Dunkirk for the 75th Anniversary commemorative return to scene of the 1940 Operation Dynamo where those wonderful craft rescued the troops from the shores.

Andrew and Knot Arf also took care of Naomi Riches, a Paralympic gold medal winner for rowing, when she set the record for a single female rower in 2016 on a passage from the source of the Thames to Gravesend – 165 miles in less than 48 hours. Andrew and Knot Arf have had a few great years both at sea and on the Thames.

Enjoy refreshments in the large saloon or out on deck as you watch the people watching you and take in the variety of views from the hustle and bustle of Kingston-Upon –Thames to the lovely greenery through Sunbury, passing Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare and other interesting sights.

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